A New Day Comes With More Progress [Sonic Mobian Rush Update]

Back in 1991, Sonic made his mark on the video game scene by dashing through the iconic stage of Green Hill Zone. Nearly 23 years later, Green Hill Zone is getting a new breath of life in our Fan Title Sonic Mobian Rush.

About Green Hill Zone Remake.

Green Hill Zone has been remade numerous time in past game From Sonic Generations to the Sonic Advance Series, and i thought “Hey, why not bring it back for one more go?” As of today, GHZ is currently in the works of a whole new overhaul with new gimmicks, game-play elements, and a few surprises here and there.GHZ WIP

The Screenshot above shows of some of the cosmetic work on different assets and flora in the stage. Grass, Vines, Flowers and much more will be present to give GHZ that lovely nostalgic feel to those who played, and know GHZ for years.

GHZ WIP2This shot shows off two different paths that the player can choose. Path one will take you up on the high road along the wooden scaffolding. Path to takes you to a dark and wet cave with little light. Both paths are completely different and feature their own game-play style while keeping the same over all feel of a Sonic game. GHZ will be the first stage of the game and will also feature the open world feel that the Sonic fans crave for. That Sonic Adventure feel will make its triumphant return!

Next up, Animation…

The current sonic model, (depicted below) has seen some custom effects such as lighting and textures, along with a new rig and animation system. This new system will allow for easy animation and character interaction with the environment at hand.

Sonic Stands His Ground

“Sonic stands his ground with a new rig and animation setup”

With this new set up and system, this means that all of the old animations link will be getting a huge update within the following days. So far Sonic is the only character that is sporting this rid system, but all of the other characters will be getting the same treatment.


Volcano Valley Remix and Stage added

Sonic Mobian RushVolcano Valley has been confirmed as a playable stage in Sonic Mobian Rush. To celebrate this announcement, here is the theme for Volcano Valley, Click Here. On this page is also more tracks to be in Sonic Mobian Rush.

About Volcano Valley Zone


First appearing in Sonic 3D Blast, Volcano Valley is a stage covered completely in Lava, Crystals, and Eggmans Lava Pumps. Falling into the lava would result in a Game Over if you have no rings and or the Flickys you must rescue to proceed through the game. Volcano Valley was made up as 3 stages plus a Boss Fight with Dr. Robotnik/Eggman.

Volcano Valley will be in the 2nd half of Sonic Mobian Rush and will also consist of 3 stages. Act 1 and 2 will be part of the main story while Act 3 will be a bonus stage. Volcano Valley will also act as a mission stage.

To keep the nostalgia of the stage, Volcano Valley won’t change much except for the objective. Acts 1 and 2 will be the traditional Sonic Stage, straight forward with speed in mind. There will also be many areas to explore and find different hidden objects and surprises. Act 3 will resemble the original stages in the sense that its like a maze and you will have to collect items to find your way out. The original stage uses a Isometric 3D viewpoint. The Mobian Rush version will use the traditional 3D viewpoints along with a mini-map to help you during the mission portions. This stage will play significant role in the SMR plot and story. More Info Coming Soon!

A Year of Absence, A Year of Progress. Sonic Mobian Rush Update.


Its been over a year since I posted on the Sonic Connections Blog, but now im back and i’m here to stay! Over the past year SC has taken some steps towards a better future, starting with a new website for Sonic Mobian Rush, Sonic Connections, and a blog redesign. All three sites are still in heavy construction and i will try to keep them updated normally.

Now first things first. Sonic Connections site and blog redesign. Now that there is a site for SC, a lot of pages will be moved there like the Downloads Page while others will just be copied like the Projects Page. If you would like to view the site Click Here.

Now on to Sonic Mobian Rush. The project has made significant progress in the following year. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow’s stories are 100% finished. All thats needed is some editing.Sonic

With the game making progress, the first cutscene in the game has begun production and here is a quick snapshot of Sonic in the woods. Along with the cutscene in progress, character animations are being worked on. Sonic’s animation set for the demo is just about done.

Hydro Park Act 1 WIP


Many stages have made progress and or been completely redone. Hydro Park is a perfect example of a stage that has been redone. Now it starts off in a lightly wooded area but quickly turns into the Hydro Factory that is stated in the name of the stage. Tropical Jungle, Central City, and Angel Island are just a few stages that are going to be redone. Also added to the list of stages to be in the game is Sky Sanctuary and Bridge Zone and both are being worked on actively. If you would like to see Sky Sanctuary, Click Here. If you would like to hear the Bridge Zone Theme, Click Here.


Sonic Mobian Rush Box Art

Last but not least, the Sonic Mobian Rush Demo. Is it coming? Will it be here soon? Is it even real? Well i’m glad to say that it is most definitely real and is almost here! If everything goes smoothly, i’m aiming for a christmas or early 2014 release.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little big update and look forward to more in the future. Until next time!


– C.E.O. Evean Land

Possible Sonic Adventure 2 Coming to Xbox Live Arcade? [RUMOR]

On the 3rd of April, a list of Announced, unannounced, and cancelled games that are possibly coming top XBLA on NeoGAF gaming forum. On the list of games was the Famous game Sonic Adventure 2 along with Sonic 4 Ep II and many other SEGA titles. Originally posted by a forum member with no source as to where the list came from it is possible that this list is partiality fake. We will keep you updated on the matter.


Original Source here: http://www.sonicretro.org/2012/04/rumor-sonic-adventure-2-coming-to-xbla/

A Nice, Big and Chunky Sonic Mobian Rush Update…

Here is the list of things being worked on and completed. The list will be updated regularly with new content for you guys to swalow.


* * *Sonic Mobian Rush Progress* * *



Physics = 50% [FOR DEMO]

Loading Screens = 0%

Story = 67%



Level Design –



Green Hill Zone – Just about ready for demo. [Fine Tuning]

Hydro Park – Act 1 = 3%

Sunset Park – Act 1 = 1%

Ice Cap – Act 1 Started = 2%

Angel Island – Act 1 = 3%

Central City – Adventure Field = 14%- Act 1 = 5%

World Map – Being redone for quality reasons

Main Menu – Subject to change



Music –



Green Hill Zone – Act 1 = 0% Act 2 = 0%

Hydro Park – Act 1 = 100% Act 2 = 0%

Sunset Park – Act 1 = 0% Act 2 = 0%

Ice Cap – Act 1 =80% [Fine Tuning] Act 2 = 0%

Angel Island – Act 1 = 0% Act 2 = 0%

Central City – Act 1 = 0% Act 2 = 0%

World Map = 0%

Main Menu- = 0%






The list above is not complete and reflects what is currently being worked on. Many more stages will be added and worked on in the future for a full release. And as always we will keep you posted with new content being produced.

Also a tutorial Video has been uploaded on Youtube showing you how to ink your fan Sonic character in Adobe Photoshop Cs5.

Go Here to view it.

Pages Updated…

Ok so its been a wile since i updated the blog, well i did today and i did a major overhaul! Check it out1 List of changes below…

+ Added

– Removed

* Edited



+Hydro Park Art Page

+Photos of Work In Progress

+Stages Page

-Links on the SMR page.

*About Us Page

A lot of work is still to be done so check back later.

Jason Griffith Vs. Roger Craig Smith… Id have to go with

Ok so I was watching Sonic X this morning and I just thought id get this off my chest. Jason Griffith was a good voice actor for Sonic but there was something off of weird about him at first. But then through the games he improved it seemed like and I just got used to him. Honestly the voice actors dont really matter to me that much. Although the voice dose make the character, I didnt really care for it.

Now Roger Craig Smith, I was a little uneasy with the change but I decided to give him a chance. His first game, Sonic Colors, Roger did ok. I wasnt to thrilled though. I told myself ok maybe he’ll improve, and with the comming of Sonic Generations, turns out Roger improved greatly. The voice acting in Sonic Generations from all the characters was exceptionally good. Although the game fell short in the story area and length along with the stages it seemed, the voice acting in the short cut scenes made up for a small part of the missing elements. In the beginning I was against the changing of the voice acting, it grew on me and its almost as if I cant imagine any other person as the voice of Sonic. So in the end I do believe the changing the voice of Sonic was a good thing. Nice job Roger Craig Smith.