Level/Mapper Contest…

Ok due to the lack of members working on Sonic Mobian Rush. I decided to host a contest. A level/Mapper contest.

For those who dont know what a mapper is in the game dev language…

A mapper is someone who makes the levels for a game other wise known as a map.

So now that you know what a mapper is, now on to the contest details. If you want to participate send an email to Sonicconnections@aol.com or Post a response to the Info Video on YouTube.

The contest will be hosted on YouTube. Go to our Channel Sonic Connections and there will be a video explaining everything. Really all you have to do is create a Sonic level using the free open source program Blender 3D.


A good length level/map

Good game play elements

At least one gimmick

Must be textured

*Can be fully 3D or can be a mixture of 2.5D and 3D

And most importantly you imagination

Now First place winner gets there level featured in the game in the main story and receives a invitation to the Game Dev section of Sonic Connections. Second place winner get there level featured in the game as a multi-player map. Third place winner just gets a invitation to Sonic Connections Game Dev section. Other participants  will be featured in a DLC map pack for multi-player. Now if your thinking “oh i cant do that” or” im not that good in blender” or “i don’t know the first thing about 3D design” dont worry. Blender has many tutorials on how to get started. and if your not that good then i will remake the level/map and add some quality to it for you.


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