Temporary Fix + SMR Update…

Laptop Screen Fix

For the past month and a half my computer screen has been on the fritz and i just recently got it repaired temporarily for now. I am looking into getting a whole new screen or computer/laptop.

SMR (Sonic Mobian Rush)

SMR has made some significant progress. Green Hill Zone is almost fully complete and just needs to be textured. Screens will be uploaded as the final stretch is made. The List of Stages/Zones is almost complete.

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Tropical Jungle
  • Central City
  • Sunset Park
  • Snow Paradise  Zone
  • Crystal Cave Zone
  • Eggman Land

List is incomplete and stages will NOT appear in this order. Once Green Hill Zone is finished i will began the physics and coding. Sonic Character model is finished for the DEMO ONLY! Texturing and rigging still required.

I am still looking for anyone who would love to help out with the development of the game. Simply send me a Email or leave a comment telling me what your good at and what you would like to do. At the moment all i need are animators, mappers, anyone who can apply textures seamlessly, coders in python or any other coding program, and anyone who is good in the physics field.


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