Jason Griffith Vs. Roger Craig Smith… Id have to go with

Ok so I was watching Sonic X this morning and I just thought id get this off my chest. Jason Griffith was a good voice actor for Sonic but there was something off of weird about him at first. But then through the games he improved it seemed like and I just got used to him. Honestly the voice actors dont really matter to me that much. Although the voice dose make the character, I didnt really care for it.

Now Roger Craig Smith, I was a little uneasy with the change but I decided to give him a chance. His first game, Sonic Colors, Roger did ok. I wasnt to thrilled though. I told myself ok maybe he’ll improve, and with the comming of Sonic Generations, turns out Roger improved greatly. The voice acting in Sonic Generations from all the characters was exceptionally good. Although the game fell short in the story area and length along with the stages it seemed, the voice acting in the short cut scenes made up for a small part of the missing elements. In the beginning I was against the changing of the voice acting, it grew on me and its almost as if I cant imagine any other person as the voice of Sonic. So in the end I do believe the changing the voice of Sonic was a good thing. Nice job Roger Craig Smith.


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