A New Day Comes With More Progress [Sonic Mobian Rush Update]

Back in 1991, Sonic made his mark on the video game scene by dashing through the iconic stage of Green Hill Zone. Nearly 23 years later, Green Hill Zone is getting a new breath of life in our Fan Title Sonic Mobian Rush.

About Green Hill Zone Remake.

Green Hill Zone has been remade numerous time in past game From Sonic Generations to the Sonic Advance Series, and i thought “Hey, why not bring it back for one more go?” As of today, GHZ is currently in the works of a whole new overhaul with new gimmicks, game-play elements, and a few surprises here and there.GHZ WIP

The Screenshot above shows of some of the cosmetic work on different assets and flora in the stage. Grass, Vines, Flowers and much more will be present to give GHZ that lovely nostalgic feel to those who played, and know GHZ for years.

GHZ WIP2This shot shows off two different paths that the player can choose. Path one will take you up on the high road along the wooden scaffolding. Path to takes you to a dark and wet cave with little light. Both paths are completely different and feature their own game-play style while keeping the same over all feel of a Sonic game. GHZ will be the first stage of the game and will also feature the open world feel that the Sonic fans crave for. That Sonic Adventure feel will make its triumphant return!

Next up, Animation…

The current sonic model, (depicted below) has seen some custom effects such as lighting and textures, along with a new rig and animation system. This new system will allow for easy animation and character interaction with the environment at hand.

Sonic Stands His Ground

“Sonic stands his ground with a new rig and animation setup”

With this new set up and system, this means that all of the old animations link will be getting a huge update within the following days. So far Sonic is the only character that is sporting this rid system, but all of the other characters will be getting the same treatment.


One thought on “A New Day Comes With More Progress [Sonic Mobian Rush Update]

  1. Awesome work on the animation, and you’ve got Sonic’s model nailed. But you definitely could use a background for your level, and refine the textures a lil’. Good job so far, though!

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