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Information on All the members of Sonic Connections…


Evean Land

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Bio: A 17 year old with a knack for computer graphics and anything that involves wires and computers. I have been a Sonic fan since i was a little boy. Very first game was Sonic The Hedgehog for the SEGA Genesis and ever since then i was hooked. Iv followed Sonic for years despite the pit falls and down times, i never doubted the hedgehog. A few years back, about 2007 i decided to create a fan group for Sonic Fans of old and new, Sonic was struggling at the time with the fail of Sonic 06 and the fan base was shrinking. Thus Sonic Connections was born. Although a few years old, the group has only just begun to sprout and gain new members. I am proud to be a part of something so big and to be in charge of something that will someday blossom into one of the biggest Fan Groups for Sonic.

Ideas Consultant/Story & Script Writer

Chris Friedler

Photo Coming Soon…

I’m a man of many talents. Sadly, building video games is not one of
them. However, I’ve got some good ideas, a passion for writing and am
happy to voice act, so I bring a small but cool helping hand to the
Sonic Connections team. I am also a Shadow fan, making sure the Ultimate
Life Form gets his fair share of attention.


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