Thanksgiving Treat

Hey and Happy Thanksgiving to all the fans and supporters of Sonic Connections. Hope you all have a nice feast later on today. And as a treat for all you guys there will be an update later on today so check back later, its a surprise.


That Freezing Feeling… Ice Cap Zone added along with Stage Select Concept [SMR Update]


Sorry its been a wile sense our last update, but work had to be done. More and more work has been completed and started with SMR. Recently started work on Ice Cap Zone, Acts 1 & 2.

Now the stage select concept will be a mixture of SA2B’s (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle) stage select where you can pan the screen to the selected stage. This option will also be in 3D like the world map in Sonic Unleashed. The other option for stage select will be the classic Adventure Field. With the open freedom to go where ever you want, you will uncover new locations, bonus stages, people with missions for you, and much more.

Here is a preview of how the stages will flow and what Adventure Field they will be found…


Read Ahead At Your Own Risk

Game Start-

South Island

Adventure Field will be in 3 parts, Central City > Rest Area > Tropical Jungle

  • Central City > Stage= Central City
  • Rest Area > Free area to run around, explore, find hidden items, also the stage for village missions.
  • Tropical Jungle > Stage= Tropical Jungle > Boss 1

West Island

Adventure Field will be in 5 parts, Emerald Coast > Rest Area > Knot Hole > Cave to Grass Plane > Old Eggman Land

  • Emerald Coast > Stage= Castle & Coasters.
  • Rest Area > Free area to run around, explore, find hidden items, also the stage for village missions.
  • Knot Hole > No Stage. Missions will be available along with stores.
  • Grass Plane > Stage= Sunset Park
  • Old Eggman Land > Stage= Eggman Land > Stage= Hydro Park > Boss 2

The Story has been planned along with the cut scenes up until this point. And no, the demo containing Green Hill Zone will not give any hints to the story. ^_^ The Next Update will contain screens of Hydro Park and other stages, and hopefully a preview to the OST. So check back later!!!


Until Next Time.

Music is supposed to help? Say what?

Ok so I have a challenge for you guys. The other day I was playing Sonic Colors and decided to tone out everything around me including parts of the game like level design and enemies, and just listen to the music in the game. Then I was like ” What if I played the game wile only focussing on the music. Turns out that I died and got hit less but my score wasn’t as high as it would be if I actually played the game. But my challenge to you is to play any Sonic game of choice and play it to the music and not to the music. See the deference in scores, time and lifes and post them in the comments below.

Two Sonics, One Walkthrough?

With the release of Sonic Generations Nov 1st, I will be working on a full walkthrough of the whole game for the Xbox 360 entertainment system. I will be showing you all the hidden items and secrete locations if there are any. =) and once its all done and over with The demo for Sonic Mobian Rush will be released soon after. During the walkthrough I will be uploading update videos as well as the walkthrough itself. So be on the lookout!!!

More Stages and Phases… Sonic Mobian Rush Update

The Sonic Mobian Rush Character model is now fully finished with textures and lighting. All that’s left is the rig and animation witch is being done by SONICNJIE at the moment. The game has also made some significant progress in other sections as well such as…


Loading Screens


Level Design

  •      Green Hill Zone – Just about ready for demo.
  •      Hydro Park – Being Redone For Quality Reasons
  •      Sunset Park – Being Redone For Quality Reasons
  •      Central City + Adventure Field

World Map

Main Menu – Subject to change

Sonic Connections is in no way affiliated with SEGA and or Sonic Team. Sonic is holy own property of SEGA and Sonic Team.

Sonic Generations Update!!!

Ok now this update is kinda long so bear with me…

So more screens of Sonic Generations has been leaked out on the net. The screens are of Speed Highway this time. Also there have been a few Trailers that feature a quick preview of Shadow in Space Colony Ark. The short scene is of Shadow grinding on a rail then jumping into space and vanishes… Oddly enough that’s all you get from Shadow for now. Also a Classic Sonic playthrough of Sky Sanctuary has been making its way around Youtube and many Sonic Fan Site. And now it made its way here. YAY US!!! Ok so it wasn’t as long as i thought but its still a lot of info. All the links are below.


Speed Highway

Sonic Generations Trailer 5

Sky Sanctuary Playthrough

Sonic Generations UPDATE!!!!

Sonic Generations UPDATE!!!!


Four new screens have been leaked directly from SEGA. Each screen is from a different part of the game and time period. Wile one picture contains the first glimpse at the Shadow The Hedgehog model, the other three are screens of…

Planet Wisp…

The Final Boss from Sonic 2

And a cut-scene from the game as well.


The images can be viewed here…