Sonic CD Generations

A PC Game Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog™ Events take place prior to Sonic Generations™

Basic Information

Founded –

March 15, 2008

Release Date –

2011 – 2012

Genre  –


Plot –

After the events of Sonic Generations, Classic Sonic and Classic Tails arrives in Never Lake where the fabled Little Planet is said to appear on the last month of every year, joined by their female pink hedgehog friend Amy Rose to celebrate Sonic’s birthday. They arrive to find the planet tethered to a mountain by a chain and completely covered in metal again. It doesn’t take long for Classic Sonic and Classic Tails to realize this is the work of their arch-nemesis, Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman, who is using the planet’s unique time properties to make it their own weapon to destroy Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic for revenge due to the failure of the Time Eater. Furthermore, Robotnik hand Eggman creates two robotic counterparts of Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic named Metal Sonic, who kidnaps Classic Amy. While all of this happens, Modern Sonic celebrates his birthday with his friends when suddenly, Little Planet returns and the two Doctors then kidnaps Modern Sonic’s friends and release an energy that draines of color and life of the world. As Modern Sonic searches for his friends on Little Planet, he encounters his younger self again, Classic Sonic, along with Classic Tails. As the two Tails determine the Doctors’s actions are damaging time and space itself, The two Sonics and Tails’ must traverse the Little Planet and collect the Time Stones, seven jewels capable of altering the passage of time itself, in order to save Amy, destroy Metal Sonic, stop Robotnik and Eggman, free the Little Planet from their grasp and restore life to Mobius.

Game Progress 


Palmtree Panic Act 1

Modern = 100%

Classic = Unknown


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