Sonic Mobian Rush

Sonic Mobian Rush is a fan game created for old and new Sonic fans of all ages.


Jogging in the forest outside Central City, Sonic comes across a ball of bright light and follows it. Next thing he knows hes in a lost village long forgotten in time. Exploring the village Sonic wonders into a old temple. Once inside a earthquake shakes the whole area. Little dose he know that a new and powerful enemy has been awaken and is about to change the world. This time will Sonic and Co. have met their match? Will this new foe finaly accomplish what Eggman couldn’t? Find out in the thrilling action packed adventure of Sonic Mobian Rush.

Game Features:

The game will feature the return of classic Sonic stages such as Green Hill Zone, Marble Garden, Oil Ocean, Sky Sanctuary, and more along with the return of South, and West Islands. The Adventure Fields will made a return as well.

Some if not all of the classic characters will make a return witch includes Sally Acorn, Sonia, Manic, Queen Aleena and many others.

A massive story that incorporates just about every character, stage, zone, location, and the whole planet of Mobius. Maybe more than just the planet.


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Here is the list of things being worked on and completed. The list will be updated regularly with new content for you guys to swalow.

* * *Sonic Mobian Rush Progress* * *

Physics = 50% [FOR DEMO]
Loading Screens = 0%
Story = 67%

Level Design –

Green Hill Zone – Just about ready for demo. [Fine Tuning]
Hydro Park – Act 1 = 3%
Sunset Park – Act 1 = 1%
Ice Cap – Act 1 Started = 2%
Angel Island – Act 1 = 3%
Central City – Adventure Field = 14%- Act 1 = 5%
World Map – Being redone for quality reasons
Main Menu – Subject to change

Music –

Green Hill Zone – Act 1 = 0% Act 2 = 0%
Hydro Park – Act 1 = 100% Act 2 = 0%
Sunset Park – Act 1 = 0% Act 2 = 0%
Ice Cap – Act 1 =80% [Fine Tuning] Act 2 = 0%
Angel Island – Act 1 = 0% Act 2 = 0%
Central City – Act 1 = 0% Act 2 = 0%
World Map = 0%
Main Menu- = 0%


The list above is not complete and reflects what is currently being worked on. Many more stages will be added and worked on in the future for a full release. And as always we will keep you posted with new content being produced.


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