A Year of Absence, A Year of Progress. Sonic Mobian Rush Update.


Its been over a year since I posted on the Sonic Connections Blog, but now im back and i’m here to stay! Over the past year SC has taken some steps towards a better future, starting with a new website for Sonic Mobian Rush, Sonic Connections, and a blog redesign. All three sites are still in heavy construction and i will try to keep them updated normally.

Now first things first. Sonic Connections site and blog redesign. Now that there is a site for SC, a lot of pages will be moved there like the Downloads Page while others will just be copied like the Projects Page. If you would like to view the site Click Here.

Now on to Sonic Mobian Rush. The project has made significant progress in the following year. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow’s stories are 100% finished. All thats needed is some editing.Sonic

With the game making progress, the first cutscene in the game has begun production and here is a quick snapshot of Sonic in the woods. Along with the cutscene in progress, character animations are being worked on. Sonic’s animation set for the demo is just about done.

Hydro Park Act 1 WIP


Many stages have made progress and or been completely redone. Hydro Park is a perfect example of a stage that has been redone. Now it starts off in a lightly wooded area but quickly turns into the Hydro Factory that is stated in the name of the stage. Tropical Jungle, Central City, and Angel Island are just a few stages that are going to be redone. Also added to the list of stages to be in the game is Sky Sanctuary and Bridge Zone and both are being worked on actively. If you would like to see Sky Sanctuary, Click Here. If you would like to hear the Bridge Zone Theme, Click Here.


Sonic Mobian Rush Box Art

Last but not least, the Sonic Mobian Rush Demo. Is it coming? Will it be here soon? Is it even real? Well i’m glad to say that it is most definitely real and is almost here! If everything goes smoothly, i’m aiming for a christmas or early 2014 release.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little big update and look forward to more in the future. Until next time!


– C.E.O. Evean Land